PT Indmira Held Iftar Together with All Employees

December 29, 2014 - Uncategory

Yogyakarta – Commemorating Ramadan, which is identical with the atmosphere of familiarity and kinship, PT Indmira held an iftar together. The event was held at Pondok Makan Pinggir Sawah, on Friday, July 18, 2014 involve all of board directors, management, employees of PT Indmira, and employees from subsidiaries of PT Indmira, such as PT Nusa Citra Niaga and Amboja Farm. PT Indmira cover this iftar with the theme “Walking Together in Harmony, Increase your Faith, Achieve Achievement”.

In the event that started at 16:30 pm not only as a venue for gathering, this event is also supplemented by Tauziah from Ustad Surono. The event is held each year with aims to increase the sense of family and can strengthen the relationship between the board of directors and employees.

“So far,the employees and directors meet everyday, but rarely have the opportunity where they can sit, mingle, and feel this precious togetherness. That is what expected from the iftar, it can also foster a sense of belonging from the board of directors and employees of PT Indmira for the betterment of the company which is located at Jalan Kaliurang Km 16.3, “said Charisma, Public Relations of PT Indmira.

The existence of the THR draw adds further excitement of the event. From the draw that has been taken by the Deputy Director of Indmira, there are 9 names of employees who are lucky to get THR Ramadan.

The event is filled with a family atmosphere and topped off with a prayer and fasting together.

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