About Indmira

Indmira is a technology based company that has been conducting research and development on agrocomplex (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries) and environmental rehabilitation since 1985.

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Our Vision

To become a global leading company in providing superior products and technology in environmental improvement and agricultural and food production in order to sustainably maintain food security for the future.

To become a global leader in sustainable technology for the environment, agriculture, and food production

Our Missions

To continuously focus on innovating for the latest products and technology in providing the solutions for the ever-changing issues in the environment, and agricultural and food productions

To operate the company effectively, efficiently, and profitably by being oriented towards growth, commitment to excellent customer service, and manpower development

Our Value

Technology Research and Development (R&D)

We continuously conduct R&D and train our expert staff to support consultation and technology monitoring services

Eco-friendly Products

Our products are made from renewable materials and safe for the environment, and manufactured in a factory that uses zero emission concept.

Responsible Land Use

Our production lands and those of our partners use a sustainable agriculture concept with balanced fertilizer use, organic pesticides, and well-managed environment.

Our Way to Innovations

Company Based on Technology R&D

PT Indmira is equipped with research facilities that are always updated to improve the formulation and apply products. The developments of organic pesticides and natural livestock feed are also conducted. In addition, PT Indmira owns field research facilities to develop technologies and production management. With those technological guarantees, PT Indmira’s products will always be up to date and in step with costumers’ needs.

Technology Enabled Customized Products

Our manufacturing process is designed to accommodate costumers’ needs, and produce customized products up to a certain scale.

Consultation and Supervision

The scope of our consultation and supervision includes the technology and management of agriculture. We can analyze the soil, microclimate and other parameters to determine the right technology and offer periodical supervision.


  • Award from "International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) Indonesia Partnership"

  • Grouper Urban Aquaculture using Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

  • Developments of Industrial Scale Hydroponic Technology

  • Awarded “ Kehati Award” in Yogyakarta and nominated for National “Kehati Award” for promoting biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

  • Conduct rehabilitation on post mining land and develop waste utilization technology for plantation and energy projects.

  • Initiate farming On sandy coastal area and develop sustainable sand farming technology.

  • Selling organic fertilizer nationwide and became the benchmark of this newly emerging industry.

  • Formulate liquid fertilizer from natural waste extract.

  • Develop verticulture technique for horticulture and vegetable crops.

The Team

Indmira Group

PT Indmira

R&D Ecosystem Improvement

PT Citra Nusa Niaga

Sales and Distribution

PT Indmira Andalan Teknologi

Land Improvement and Waste Management

PT Indmira Mitra Internasional

Foreign Trading


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