ATNIC: To Become Friends of Farmers

December 7, 2015 - Uncategory

ATNIC Ecotechnology Wicaksana is an ecotechnology company in the fields of fishery and agriculture technologies. This enterprise was conceived by ten students of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), majoring in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, who were passionate about electronics. A school work on entrepreneurship required them to make a business plan and led them to start a business together. But that was not enough to establish ATNIC as an independent company. Additional planning and an encounter with a friend, who inspired them to pursue careers in the technology field, firmly took ATNIC further forward in the technology in January 2014.

In the beginning, their business was supported by doing one project at a time and giving workshops in robotics. ATNIC personnel were all members of the UGM’s Rocket and Robotics team and participated in various national competitions. A project that they took up was an innovative time piece that functioned as alarm, LED cube, souvenir, and motion control camera. But they did not have any business vision and thus did not produce any profit in the project.

In November 2014, one of the founding members met with Bob Singadikrama, who is also Indmira’s Communication Director. This meeting opened up a new horizon for ATNIC. They were introduced to Aryo Wirawan, Indmira CEO, who proposed an offer to work on a project. The project was to develop a monitoring system for shrimp ponds that was connected to cellular phone network.

ATNIC took on this project and called it Blumbang Reksa. This work was entered to several technology innovation competitions, and Blumbang Reksa did not disappoint. It was chosen as one of the best three innovations at ASME Ishow in India and a finalist the National Independent Young Technopreneur 2015, and received a business program endowment from INOTEK (Inovasi Teknologi – Technology Innovation) foundation.

These achievements have led ATNIC to follow a path in the field of ecotechnology and provide solutions for fishery and agriculture. Collaborating with Indmira, a research-based company in agriculture, renewable energy and environment, ATNIC hopes to achieve goals in step with Indmira. To facilitate coordination, ATNIC officially took in residence at Indmira’s headquarter on Jl. Kaliurang Km 16.3. They are focused to establish a company that provides technological assistance and solutions to farmers and fishermen.

Best of luck ATNIC! (An)

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