Let’s Garden at Indmira!

May 15, 2018 - News

Happy news from us for those who love to learn gardening. PT. Indmira has been having an open gardening at our facilities on the first Saturday of every month. This communal gardening is free for everyone, without exception.

This event is open to public, whether communities or individuals in Yogyakarta. Groups of professionals and families have participated. Jogja Berkebun, Herbivorous, and other communities have also attended. This event takes place in the Headquarters, located on Jalan Kaliurang Km. 16,3, and Kebun Sendang, which is a short walk from the main offices.

The activities start at the Headquarters where participants are given a tour of our facilities, such as the hydroponic, aquaponic, and aquaculture installations. Guests are then directed to Kebun Sendang where they can visit several small booths and one big booth to learn about gardening techniques. The lessons can be from making liquid organic fertilizer, planting, watering, applying fertilizer, weeding, harvesting, and cooking. Each booth is manned by a guide from PT. Indmira.

Participants are also served with homemade snacks and drinks, such as fruit salad with a sweet and hot sauce, and ice passionfruit punch. This event is also designed as a knowledge exchange where everyone can get to know each other and talk about gardening. The day is closed with group photo session and free gifts of vegetables and flower seeds to the attendees.

Kebun Sendang is the center of this Saturday gardening event because this facility is managed with permaculture principles. These principles, basically, teach us to use local wisdom that ensures sustainable agricultural practices. We show how to make planting beds with coconut husks, use rice straw for mulch, and employ water bottles for planting pots.

Ms. Atin Saraswati, representing Indmira Public Relation, explains: “We all must care and be responsible to find better ways to explore environmental components to have a lasting legacy. We must use the spirit of A Better Way to Grow in all aspects of our operation.” She further adds that the main purpose of this activity is to introduce the general public to nature and agriculture. Furthermore, we also invite them to be aware of their own potential to grow food and appreciate food production.

Indmira invites everyone to use any available space in their homes for gardening not only for growing food but also environmental conservation.

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