Indmira is a technology-based company and has been conducting research and development in the agrocomplex (agriculture, forestry, livestock, and fishery) and environmental rehabilitation since 1985.


To become a global leader in providing superior products and technology for improving the ecosystem as well as agriculture and food production to sustainably maintain the food security for the future

To become a global leader in the technology for sustainable ecosystem, agriculture, and food


To continuously focus on advanced product and technology innovations to find solutions for the constantly expanding issues in ecosystem, agricultural production, and food.

To operate the company effectively, efficiently, and profitably and oriented towards growth, commitment to customer service, and manpower development.



Technology Research and Development

Indmira continuously conducts research and development to generate products and consultation services for issues in the environment and agriculture.


Eco-friendly Products

Our products are made from natural sources, which are processed in facilities with the zero-emission concept, and do not pose danger to the environment.


Responsible Use of Land

With products and services for environmental rehabilitation, Indmira advocates its partners to use the concept of agricultural and environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly fertilizers and pesticides, replant former mines, and manage organic wastes.

Direction of Innovations in Indmira

Company Based on Research and Technology

Indmira is equipped with research facilities that are constantly updated to improve the formulations and applications of products. The developments include organic pesticides and livestock feed. In addition, PT Indmira possesses facilities to conduct field research to further test the products and develop production technology and management. With technology-proven manpower, the products of PT Indmira are always up to date and in step with the needs of our consumers.

Technology allows our products to fill the needs of our customers.

The production processes were designed to ably accommodate the needs of the consumers and produce yields in accordance with their needs at certain scales.

Consulting and Supervision

The scope of consulting and supervision comprises soil technology, rehabilitation, and revegetation, as well as agricultural management. We provide services for consultation, implementation, and supervision of projects.

Head of Business unit, Research and technical person


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