Indmira is a research and technology company in the agrocomplex that is committed to restoring the ecosystem by providing eco-friendly solutions.

Since 1985 Indmira has been the main producer of organic fertilizers in Indonesia. Now Indmira has grown more broadly by providing products and services in the rehabilitation of former mines and organic waste management.

Different way of thinking

Indmira allows different ways of thinking that have become our characteristics involving environmental sustainability and the good of mankind.

We develop eco-friendly production technology, transform marginal lands to productive ones, rehabilitate former mines, and manage organic waste to become a renewable resource. We perform these processes based on research to produce appropriate solutions for the existing problems.

We provide solutions

We understand that various problems exist in food productions that cause environmental degradation. Currently, people compete to produce food without much consideration in the negative impacts on the environment. Indmira focuses on providing solutions for generating food through eco-friendly ways. Each business that we develop is a solution for problems in food production and environmental conservation.

Commitment to Green Business

We pay attention comprehensively on three important aspects of Green or Sustainable Business, which are people, planet, and profit by understanding and synergizing the needs of each aspect.

We care for the planet Earth so that nature stays preserved using various products and services based on environmental sustainability. Indmira’s products and services are eco-friendly and restorative.

We appreciate everyone associated with the company, including the employees as well as immediate and broader communities. We provide accurate knowledge and development to produce reliable resources and a knowledgeable population.

With rigorous management of the company, Indmira keeps growing its business to provide solutions for problems in food production and environmental conservation.

Your place to grow better

With the vision of becoming a global leading company in the agrocomplex and our slogan of A Better Way to Grow, we keep growing and trying to generate broader positive impacts.

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