KKN Tanjung Boleng Partnering Up with Indmira

December 26, 2015 - Uncategory

Kuliah Kerja Nyata/Field Study Program (KKN) is usually required for most universities in Indonesia, including Gadjah Mada University (UGM). Through this program, students live among locals of a partner village. And during their stay, they adapt, learn, and work together with the villagers to share skills, ideas and knowledge to improve the livelihood of the village. One of these destinations is Tanjung Boleng, in the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). This location is very remote because of the lack of a proper transportation infrastructure.

This KKN team would be the first one to the area. From their survey visit, they were informed of one other big problem in the village of Tanjung Boleng, which is limited availability of drinking water. This condition affects other sectors in the community such as public health and economy. Most inhabitants of Tanjung Boleng are farmers and fishermen. Many also have livestock. To improve their welfare, coming up with an integrated agriculture system that manages those main sources of income is very paramount.

This team to Tanjung Boleng hopes to help develop new approaches to improve agricultural practices in this area. Indmira, as a research based company in agriculture, has a similar goal, which is to improve agriculture through out Indonesia. And because of this similarity, team Tanjung Boleng makes Indmira one of their partners. In turn, Indmira provides fertilizers and feed supplements and training in verticulture.

The training was held on Saturday, 23 May 2015. There were several events through out the day starting with a visit to Fun Farm on Merapi (FFM). This farm is one of the partners in H2B program of Indmira and is managed by Koko Sasongko. During the visit, there was a substantial discussion on organic home gardening by mix planting to help reduce spending for kitchen needs in a family. There were also ideas to improve farming practice in Tanjung Boleng by managing all the assets of a family. Koko concluded the event by asking the team members to start by observing the appropriate plants for the current conditions and needs of the place.

At around 10:30, the Tanjung Boleng team returned to Indmira headquarter and took a tour of the facilities. Guided by the Communication Division team, the tour introduced the visitors to the technologies that were developed in Indmira, such as hydroponic, potted fruit trees, and waste processing systems.

Mr. Andi Nusapatria, vice chairman, had the opportunity to share the philosophy of the company right after the tour. From the start of his talk. Mr. Nusapatria described the diverse backgrounds of Indmira team members in the approach to solve the problems in agriculture, very much like the KKN team. He, an engineering graduate, further explained the need of different perspectives to bring fresh solutions.

There was an excellent question on how to manage plastic waste in the village from the Tanjung Boleng team. In his answer, Mr. Nusapatria noted the short amount of time the KKN members would be at the village and described a simple incinerator equipped with a smog capture system. At the end, he emphasized the necessity to reduce the waste by using reusable containers.

After the lunch break, the day was ended with the verticulture training using water bottles and a used produce bag. The bottles were cut open on the bottom sides to allow planting of vegetables and equipped with wire hooks to allow hanging and stacking. Verticulture has the advantage of requiring less space and water, reducing weeds, and allowing artistic expression. This technique would be very appropriate for a place with limited water supply. WOW!

And as the first KKN team to Tanjung Boleng, let us all wish them the best of luck on their journey.

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