A Cooking Class: A Healthy Collaboration Between Letusee and Indmira

December 16, 2015 - Uncategory

On Saturday morning, 13 June 2015, there was something different at Indmira headquarter. Usually after the morning exercise, the staff would go to their desks to do the day’s work. However, that morning they gathered around two big tables on the front lawn. The tables were full of cooking appliances and utensils.

Apparently, Indmira had invited Letusee, a restaurant specializing on organic and health food, to share and demonstrate their healthy menu to the staff. Bob Singadikrama, the Director of Communication and Public Relation, explained that this event was designed to introduce staff members to healthy food choices and handling .

“Indmira produces agriculture products, however there are many of us who still do not understand how to make them into healthy meals. At this occasion, we would like to demonstrate a simple but healthy way to prepare foods,” said Bob in a friendly manner.

During the class, the ingredients were obtained from Indmira and her agricultural partners, such as the red rice from Agradaya and tomatoes from FFM. There were some additional vegetables that were purchased from Jogja Berkebun and Gumi Garden.

Letusee was represented by their dynamic duo chefs, Ms. Stefii and Ms. Nuha, who explained the three main items on their menu. They describe the ingredients and the process to make Tempe Nuggets, Marinara sauces and Garden Salad dressed in Shallot Vinaigrette.

All members of Indmira family enthusiastically embraced the festivity. Some readily helped prepare the ingredients, many gleefully asked questions about health food, from the kinds of products to the handling and recipes.

The 1.5 hours of meal preparations flew by, and it was time to enjoy some gourmet foods. The dishes were served on banana leaf cups. Infused water was available to help wash down. Everyone seemed to relish the new delicious banquet they experienced that morning.

This is just the beginning of healthy activities at Indmira. Hopefully more will follow soon. (Le)

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