The Danger of Synthetic Fertilizer. Do You Still Want To Use It?

December 29, 2014 - Uncategory

Almost all agricultural and plantation activity needs fertilization.The effect of fertilization is expected to increase agricultural and plantation products so it can provide optimum result and economical benefit.

Fertilizer is a substance, either syntetic or organiz, which is added to the soil to improve its important nutrients needed by plants and vegetation on the soil. Although it supposed to give benefit to human, the impact of fertilization needs to be carefully considered. Especially the use of synthetic fertilizer. If synthetic fertilizer is used excessively, it can raise an impact that damage the fertility of soil. Synthetic fertilizer ia a fertilizer made by manufacturers by mixing high nutrient inorganic chemical.

Nowaday, it is hard for farmers to use 100% organic fertilizer because of high dependency to synthetic fertilizer such as Urea, Za and KCl. It needs some time to convince farmers to switch to other fertilizer such as organic fertilizer. They never realise what would happen if they continue the use of synthetic fertilizer excessively.

In the short term, synthetic fertilizer can fasten the planting duration because the nutrients can be immediately absorbed by the soil. But in the long term, it can produce negative impacts.

According to research experts, plants can not absorbed all of synthetic fertilizer substance. There will always be a residue that remains on the grounds. This residue remain in the soil can be reacted with water to form a binding form with soil like glue or cement. After it dries, the soil will be harden and increase its acidity. This condition is dangerous for nutrients maker microorganism. The microorganism suc as worm, which is contributing in loosen the soil, will dead and the population will decreased. if this happen, the soil can not produce its own nutrients and will be highly dependent on synthetic fertilizer.

The use of synthetic fertilizer is also has impact to the environment. Too much use of synthetic fertilizer cause eutrofication. Synthetic fertilizer contains element such as nitro oxide and phosphate. This element is a toxic to the aquatic life. It can increase excessive growth of algae and reduce the oxygen level. This condition will lead to a toxic environment that cause the death of aquatic fauna in the water.

Synthetic fertilizer contains substance and chemical ingredients such as methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen. This substance will lead a global warming and climate change. Even, the nitro oxide, byproduct of nitrogen, is the third most significant greenhouse gas, after carbon dioxide and methane.

If the dependency to synthetic fertilizer is inevitable, farms land will trapped in a vicious circle. Much more we use the chemical, much more our soil is getting worse. If the soil is worsen, we will more depend on synthetic fertilizer. That is what happen now in every farm land in Indonesia, or even the world.

These facts is worrying and we need to take serious steps to avoid this condition as soon as possible. Effort to improve agricultural production is done in a wrong way because of excessive use of chemical. It gives negative impact to human health caused by the chemical residue left in the soil. This serious impact to the environment cause a decreasing quality in agricultural production due to damage to soil nutrients.

It is make sense now if the farmers losing its soil fertility. In one hand the productivity of the soil is decreasing and in the other hand to maintain its productivity, farmers are often use excessive synthetic fertilizer which also cause increasing cost in consuming synthetic fertilizer.

This condition will harm the farmers themselves. Because of this, farmers need to be given an understanding about the impact of excessive use of synthetic fertilizer.

Conversely, if farmers use natural fertilizers, the benefits to good crops would also be good for the soil and the surrounding environment and reliable for the long term. Organic fertilizers can be the option of choice for farmers could increase agricultural productivity but remains stand in eco-friendly way.

In Agricultural Minister Regulation No 2 Year 2006 About Organic Fertilizer and Soil Ameliorant, organic fertilizer is defined as a substance partly or wholly derived from plants and animals through an engineering process. The form can be solid or liquid and is used to supply organic nutrients to repair physical, chemical and biological nature of soil. Those definitions have been clearly explained what it organic fertilizer is.

Organic fertilizers have a variety of types and variants. The types of organic fertilizers are distinguished from raw materials, methods of manufacture and its form. From the raw material, organic fertilizer is made from animal manure, green or a mixture of both. There are many different methods of manufacture such as aerobic composting, bokashi, and so forth. While the tangible form of organic fertilizer are powder, liquid or granules or tablets.

The following are the benefits when using organic fertilizers:

  1. Organic fertilizer contains more complete micro nutrients than synthetic fertilizer.
  2. It gives life to soil microorganism helping farmers to maintain soil quality.
  3. Mobilizing existing nutrients in the soil so it can build ion particle that easier to be absorbed by plants.
  4. Releasing soil nutrients slowly and continuously so it can help and prevent the nutrients explosion that is harmful to the plants.
  5. Maintaining soil moisture and reducing soil structural pressure for plants’ roots.
  6. Stabilizing particle composition and soil structure and fasilitate the flow of air and water which will increase microorganism activity, roots and seeds growth.
  7. Preventing soil surface erosion which has large amount of nutrients.
  8. Maintaining soil fertility level caused form excessive use of synthetic fertilizer before.
  9. Preventing the loss of nitrogen and phosphor that dissolve with water.
  10. Easy to get.
  11. Healthier plants and disease resistance.
  12. Healthier for human because organic fertilizer produce more complete nutrients for human.

After seeing the advantages of the use of organic fertilizers, are farmers and the general public would still blindly and always rely on synthetic fertilizers for plants? Actually, if there is a willingness to make organic fertilizer, there are abundant materials around us. But in general, farmers are reluctant to make organic fertilizer and prefer to buy factory-made organic fertilizer that can stay put and more practical.

PT Indmira try to provide a more practical solution to the farmers by producing organic fertilizer ready. PT Indmira already producing organic fertilizer widely since 1998. The type of organic fertilizer produced liquid, solid, and powder. The use of organic fertilizer from PT Indmira will not damage the soil structure such as the use of synthetic fertilizers, but in the long run it will have a positive impact and was able to repair the damage to the soil structure due to the use of synthetic fertilizers. Use of the product is also very economical Indmira and can reduce the use of macro / synthetic fertilizer. If converted to land area, Indmira production capacity can meet the needs of up to 20,000 hectares of fertilizer per month for liquid fertilizer, and 2,500 acres per month for solid manure.

With the organic fertilizer is expected to be a solution for environmental improvement. It is expected that farmers can switch to use organic fertilizers in order not to cause even greater effect due to the excessive use of synthetic fertilizers.

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