Introduction to Tabulampot Workshop in Indmira

October 23, 2017 - News

Indmira had another workshop in the urban farming series on growing fruit trees in containers (Tanaman Buah dalam Pot – Tabulampot). This event was held on Saturday, 14 October 2017 in Indmira headquarters. The participants were from the general public, especially retirees or those who were about to.

Tabulampot is can be a centerpiece in an urban farm because it can provide fruits as well as beauty to an urban garden. The instructor, Ni Wayan Anik Leana explained that potted fruit trees could fetch high prices because of their aesthetic and practicality. “Essentially tabulampot is a bonsai that bears real and edible fruits.” she emphasized.

The workshop started with an introduction to and discussion on Tabulampot. Participants were then shown potted fruit trees available in our facility. Useful tips were brought up during this mini tour.

During the frequent open discussions, some participants admitted to growing fruit trees on the ground. They shared the main problem they encountered when growing fruit trees in containers : no or minimal fruit production. “We were able to discuss the factors that caused this undesirable problem.” Anik shared from the workshop. She added that those factors were, among others, nutrition, sunlight, pruning maintenance, etc.

In terms of nutrition, a fruit tree in a pot would have more limited sources of nutrition compared to those grown directly on the ground. It is highly necessary to add macro nutrients twice a year and micro nutrients three to four times per year also.

Additional cares needed to have optimal Tabulampots would be regular watering and pruning. The placement of the Tabulampot is also critical to ensure that the plants receive sufficient sun exposure. Overall, Tabulampot is a relatively easy endeavor because it does not require a large amount of space.

The main goal for the workshop was obviously to help participants to successfully make their own Tabulampots. We also hoped that this workshop would become one of the regular educational activities at our company. The available potted fruit trees in our facilities definitely help to demonstrate to the participants on the desired products of Tabulampot. (Communication & Business Strategic Division).

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