ODOT: Collaboration between Sekolah Tani Muda and Indmira

One Day One Tree (ODOT) is a program that Sekolah Tani Muda (Sekti Muda/Youth Farm School) asks Indmira to join. This 30-day program, which started on 23 May 2015, is held by planting plants on the garden of Sekti Muda’s campus, Mubyarto Institute iin Bluyahrejo, and the  main farm in Purwomartani, Kalasan.

According to Sekti Muda’s representative, Budi Kusriyanto, ODOT has the main goal  of calling people, especially the youths, into action of caring for their environments. Their hope is that the youths will be able to enjoy and fulfill their needs from the plants that they put down. Indmira donates the plants and several organic  fertilizers for the program. Whereas Sekti Muda members plant and take care of those plants routinely.

Sekti Muda is an organization focusing on introducing young people to agriculture; a field that is largely ignored by this group. They recruit youngsters from various backgrounds to learn the world of farming. This organization was established in the early 2014 and currently have around 20 members, who are mostly university students.

Sekti Muda was born as a form of concern on the low rate of regeneration among farmers in Indonesia, especially in the Special Province of Yogyakarta. A study released by Pusat Studi Ekonomi Kerakyatan Universitas Gadjah Mada (PUSTEK-UGM/UGM’s Center for Public Economy) concludes that farmers have the lowest bargaining power and are the least informed in the agricultural-product-distribution chain. This condition became the main reason and motivation for many concerned parties to start Sekti Muda as a place for the youths to learn agriculture together.

Sekti Muda uses familial approach in their organzational communication, so that the activities go in harmony and flexible. There are five divisions in Sekti Muda: education, empowerment, research, self-sufficiency, and communication. Every division has programs that run for one semester. ODOT is a collaborative program among several divisions.

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