Kartini Day Observance: PT. Indmira Collaborates with Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta in a Home Medicinal Plant Workshop

Indmira celebrates this year’s Kartini Day by holding a herbal workshop in a collaboration with Institut Teknologi Yogyakarta (ITY – Yogyakarta Technology Institute). The workshop, titled “Go Green! Be Healthy!”, consists of cultivating medicinal plants and preparing them for household uses. It takes place at the house of a resident of Kanutan hamlet, Bambanglipuro, Bantul, on Saturday (28 April 2018), and attended by local women.

Our mission is to make the spirit of Kartini as the strength in the families. The homemakers of Kanutan are not only celebrating the Kartini Day, but becoming Kartinis for their families.

ITY and PT. Indmira see the potential for these women to utilize their homes to grow these medicinal plants. To help them start, we train them how to grow these herbs, as well as some other vegetables. This session is lead by Mrs. Bintari Rochim, Technological Research and Development Director of PT. Indmira.

The next event is a contest to make herbal concoctions, in which participants are asked to mix herbs to be served for their families. The day is not all seriousness. To enliven the occasion, there is also a race where each competitor runs with a balloon between her legs. At the end of the celebration, the participants receive free ginger, temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza), binahong (Anredera cordifolia), and lengkuas (Alpinia galangal).

Mrs. Handayani is one of the winners in the herbal remedy contest with her kunyit-asem (turmeric-tamarind) concoction. She claims happily: “This event broadens my knowledge and view (of medicinal plants). I also won prizes and got free herbs.”

All participants are enthusiastic and excitedly involved in all activities to make a very lively workshop. We are reminded to the spirit of Kartini to always be actively emancipated women, who are enthusiastic and confident.

Happy Kartini Day to all Kartinis throughout Indonesia.