PT Indmira’s 2016 Annual Company Meeting “Deliver Better, Grow Better”

February 12, 2016 - News

PT Indmira, as a company based on research and technological innovations, always focuses on solutions and services in agrocomplex, environmental remediation, and waste management. With this basic tenet of company in mind, the annual company meeting was held at East Parc Hotel, Yogyakarta, on 19-21 January 2016. In attendance were the members of Board of Commisionaires, Board of Directors, and Divisional staff. The main purpose of the important meeting was to develop programs and targets for the upcoming year.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Aryo Wiryawan, PT Indmira CEO, whose speech contained guidance and motivation for the participants relating to the planned programs, potential challenges and expected targets. The theme for this year’s annual meeting was “Deliver Better, Grow Better” that was meant to underline the company’s effort to broadly transfer the technologies developed by PT Indmira to the general public. And thus, not only should the company grow financially, the maturation of PT Indmira as a member of the society should also be achieved.

The annual meeting was continued with presentations from all divisions accompanied with discussions that were open to all attendees. Based on the previously mentioned theme, each division presented the goals to be achieved and key performance indicators to be measured for the 2016 calendar year.

In the field of technological developments, PT Indmira Research Division would further developed several innovations such as Recirculationg Aquaculture System (RAS), Biosecurity technology for shrimp farming, and the next generation fertilizers for mass agriculture. (cbs )

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