2018 Annual Company Meeting “Becoming a Sustainable Support in Food Production”

On 23-25 January 2018, PT Indmira takes the first steps in business by holding the annual meeting in Tani Jiwo Hostel, which is located in Dieng highland plateau. This is the first time for our company to have such an important meeting in a cold climate location in the hopes of getting better focus and concetration. The theme for the 2018 Annual Company Meeting is “Becoming a Sustainable Support in Food Production”, which is a manifestation of our vision to become a global leader in providing superior products and technology in ecosystem rehabilitation and agricultural production to maintain a sustainable food security, and coming up with the latest product and technological innovations to solve the environmental and agricultural production issues.

In his opening speech, the President Director of PT Indmira, Mr. Aryo Wirawan, says that the future development of PT Indmira is to become a leading company in sustainable food production at the national and international levels. Agricultural system cannot depend on the current available technologies, therefore, Mr. Wirawan emphasizes, PT Indmira must continue to innovate and produce technologies for the future of world food production.

Mr. Andi Nusa Patria, as the Vice Director, urges the attendees to improve customer services so that PT Indmira can maintain the current customers and gain new ones. He ends his speech by describing the development of the agrocomplex (agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, and forestry) business in Indonesia.

Mrs. Ir. Endang Tantrawati, the President Commissioner, expresses appreciation to the employees for their efforts to meet company goals for the previous year.

The main result from the 2018 Annual Meeting is the Balance Score Card (BSC) plan for the company consisting of four important elements, those are Customer, Finance, Learning/Growth, and Internal. The essence of these four important elements is to synergize all divisions to achieve the company’s 2018 target, which is to make PT Indmira a sustainable support in the food production system.