About The Service

Land use has been the focus for many agricultural practioners in the recent periods. To help mitigate this problem, we offer solutions to increase the utilization of land even with marginal soil quality in all conditions.

Service Objective

Sandy and critical land are usually not productive in terms of food productions. On the other hand, the need for land for agriculture has increased, and thus technologies are needed to transform marginal lands to become more arable.


1. Soil Modification

The first step that we perform is to improve the soil structure in the sand to reduce porosity and salinity by adding SAN Tanaman, SAN Pembenah Tanah and SNN to the soil.

2. Water Availability

Next is to prepare for water usage to irrigate the land by building irrigation canals through the plot. For water needy plants, we use water proofing layer to reduce soil porosity.

3. Micro Climate

Beach sand possesses extreme climate, high humidity, and high salinity. To protect the soil, we create a micro climate by planting trees as wind breakers along the beach.

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