Mine Closure and Land Reclamation

About The Service

We concede the importance of mine closures for nature conservation and the local populations. We make the central focus of our project to develop the state-of-the-art flow and practices that satisfy the requirements currently needed and are standardized.

Service Objective

Sandy and critical land are usually not productive in terms of food productions. On the other hand, the need for land for agriculture has increased, and thus technologies are needed to transform marginal lands to become more arable.


1. Reduce Toxic Pollutant

We apply SAN RBT to every post-mine land to reduce toxic pollutant levels by changing the chemical structures to become simpler and safer metabolites.

2. Land Treatments

In the next steps, we treat the lands with SAN Soil Therapy to improve the degraded land physically and chemically. We also utilize Non-Sticky-Soil SAN, which contains soil nutritions and microorganisms.

3. Planting

Within two months, the post-mining areas will become fertile and ready for planting.


Together we can make better earth thru sustainable environment, create a better way to grow


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