Gain Victory and Benefits with Indmira

Ramadan is the most important month for muslims around the world when they fast from sunup to sundown. At the end of the month, they celebrate the victory of undergoing grueling physical and mental tests by forgiving each other.

The Ied Al-Fitr is the day right after Ramadan when large congregations pray together on fields about two hours after the Subuh/dawn prayer. After greeting each other at the end of the prayer, people gather around their families to have a feast. This family time happens in the morning. In the afternoon, many start to visit their immediate neighbors. Each of these visits can take a long time because people use this occasion to have long familial conversations and they end up not having a chance to visit many others.     This is what Syawalan is for.

Syawalan is a Javanese tradition around the Ied Al-Fitr. According to historical records, this tradition was initiated by KGPAA Mangkunegara I who saw the need to hold a mass celebration to strengthen the bond among the community members. So this celebration is more than 200 years old.

In the spirit of Ied Al-Fitr, Indmira holds the Syawalan ceremony to provide the place and time for everyone to get to know each other. The event takes place in the morning of 25 July 2015, at Joglo Dhahar, on Jl. Kaliurang Km 10.

The festivities are guided by Indmira’s own, Mr. Budi Haryono from research and Ms. Fauziah Rahma from quality control. Mr. Bob Singadikrama, the communication director and organizing chairman, welcomes the audience to start the proceeding. Mr. Andi Nusa Patria, the Vice Chairman, follows by thanking everyone for attending. He also thanks everyone for making Indmira successful in the past 30 years. He notes the size of the gathering that indicates the growth of the company.

Festivities won’t be complete without presents. The first two go to the first employees to arrive at the restaurant. After those, there are games and talent shows. Two games of charade warm up the audience. The talent show further entertains everyone. The last performance will forever be remembered as a joyful mark for the occasion. Mr. Subarjo from Amboja comes up to the stage to perform Debus, a mystical performance that uses sharp objects. He convincingly prepares his subject, Mr. Sulur, to receive a magical power to withstand an knife attack. Mr. Subarjo makes Mr. Sulur stand up on one leg. As everyone starts to get frightened, Mr. Subarjo says, “Everyone! This is how a dog relieves himself.” The tensed atmosphere turns into laughter as everyone realizes that they have been fooled. A good show, a very convincing performance!

More gifts are given out to the audience members using a lottery system before it is time to shake hands to wish each other a  merry Ied Al-Fitr. Mr. Supardi leads the prayer to thank God for the blessings, and the members of the upper management get on the stage to start the procession. Everyone shakes each other’s hands.

The feast marks the end of the festivities at the restaurant. But before everyone goes home, many visit the grave of Mr. Sumarno, Indmira’s founder, to pay respect.