Syawalan PT Indmira, Strengthen the Brotherhood

December 29, 2014 - Uncategory

Whole month of Ramadan has passed, the Takbir for Eid 1435 H has been blown, it’s time strengthen ties and strengthen the foundation of brotherhood with each other to forgive.

PT Indmira Syawalan event held on Monday, August 4th, 2014 which took place in the restaurant Muara Kapuas. This activity attended by the management, all employees of PT Indmira along with its subsidiary, and invited guests. “After a month of fasting, in addition to the implementation Syawalan as a forum for mutual apologies, a means of self-reflection to enhance better performance in the future.” Aryo said Wiryawan, President Director of PT Indmira.

The event was opened by remarks of Commissioners of PT Indmira, Endang Tantrawati, followed by remarks from Charisma Rahma Dinasih as chairman of the committee. In his speech, Commissioner of PT Indmira stressed the importance of the relationship not only at the moment of the celebration of Eid, but also needs to be applied in everyday life while working to maintain and improve communication, particularly communication among human beings PT Indmira in achieving corporate goals.

After giving speech was followed by the delivery of the Syawalan pledge given by Zukhrotun Nafisa as representatives of employees and a large family of PT Indmira. Syawalan pledge presented as a form of the request forgiveness for all the mistakes that have been done during the work, either willful misconduct or unintentional. As per tradition PT Indmira, syawalan pledge is then taken by the Vice President Director of PT Indmira, Andi Nusa Patria.

Syawalan take place with full of intimacy and joy. Joy was thick at the time of the draw THR holiday. PT Indmira deliberately set up as a door prize to add excitement THR Eid event. THR Eid raffle and division is divided into three sessions. Jokes and laughter each ejected when the names that appear in the lottery was read. Those whose names do not appear enthusiastic and still waiting for the luck to get THR holiday.

At this time Syawalan PT Indmira presents Ustad Widodo to give Tauziah. Tauziah material given is wisdom of gathering and forgive each other. Through lectures, Ustad Widodo said that the fraternal relations are maintained properly will give birth to a social space that is comfortable for everyone who interacts in it, not least in the work environment.

“Feeling comfortable in the work environment will make employees feel comfortable to be in an office environment, and concentrate more in the line of duty, thus the achievement of predetermined targets can be achieved with good company”, said Ustad Widodo.

On this occasion, the management and employees of PT Indmira also set aside some of fortunes to be accumulated in infaq office box that has been provided by the committee. The results of the donations that have been collected will be donated to the orphanage Al-Ma’un located in Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman.

The event ended with a lawful gatherings Syawalan for all attendees and invited guests to shake hands with each other and apologizing, followed by a meal together.

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