Tomorrowland Project: Indmira with AIESEC UGM

March 14, 2018 - News

AIESEC Universitas Gadjah Mada invited PT. Indmira to collaborate on their activity called “Tomorrowland”. Which is a project to raise awareness on environmental sustainability in Yogyakarta. For our part, PT. Indmira provides trainings in composting, verticulture installation and aquaponics. We also procures organic fertilizers and plant seedlings. This activity takes place in two weeks, starting in 12th to 31st January 2018.

Our collaboration commences with the training of trainers at our headquarters that learning Jl. Kaliurang Km 16,3 on 12th January. that learning Here, the Tomorrowland team, consisting of volunteers and organizing members, learn to make liquid and solid organic fertilizers and produce verticulture installations. They also are introduced to our green and eco-friendly facilities. The training takes several ours to prepare our AIESEC partners to be able to transfer their knowledge to the villagers in Kerten and Paderesan neigborhoods of Imogiri village, Bantul.

We start assisting Tomorrowland team with their field works at Kerten on 15th January where we work with the local Karang Taruna (Village Youth Group) members. We share our knowledge in making organic fertilizers from kitchen and yard waste and donate a composting drum. The session is held in Kerten mosque and attended by many mothers. We show them how to prepare household organic waste to be placed inside the drum composter.

We then go to an empty lot to build several verticulture installations. We use burlap sacks as vertical pots and bamboo stakes to prop them up. We fill up these propped up burlap sacks with soil, compost, and rice husk. Ten small holes are made on the sides of each vertical pots, where plants are to be grown. In total, there are around 12 plants per verticulture pot. The main objective of this technique is to enable families to use their limited yards for food growing optimally.

After working with that learning Kerten families for a week, we spend another week with families in nearby hamlet of Paderesan. In addition to the two activities described above, we also introduce a simple aquaponics system, in which an aquarium filtration system is used to grow plants, in this case it is mint. The activities are held at the residence of the hamlet chairwoman and attended by many residents, especially mothers.

The AIESEC-UGM that learning collaboration continues with a visit to Gadjah Wong village where a cooking demonstration takes place. PT. Indmira provides all the vegetables, which are organically grown at our fields.

This collaboration shows that learning activities can be both useful and fun for all participants. We hope to have such events with other groups in the community.

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