UGM’s Animal Husbandry Faculty Held an Agribusiness Management Practicum at Indmira

April 11, 2016 - News

The practicum for Agribusiness Management of Animal Husbandry, UGM, this time was a field trip to Indmira. The event that took place on 8 March 2016 was started with an introduction to our company as a research-based enterprise in the fields of agriculture, environment, and renewable energy. The students were shown to the displays that were available at the headquarter such as farming on marginal soil. There were rice plantings on sandy soil, reclaimed mining soil and rice husk, as well as shallot farming on peat.

The hydroponic instalations were the next location where the students were guided by Mr. Budi Haryono S.Si, a staff member of the R & D Division. The participants seemed to be enthusiastic to learn about the hydroponic constructions and nutrients that were developed by Indmira. They were then also introduced to Amboja, which an Indmira’s subsidiary that sells farm products to general public. This was hoped to show the enormous potential for agribusiness that is supported by research.

Mr. Tri Wibowo SP., a staff member of the Communication Division, guided the next session which was an introduction to and discussion of Indmira’s products, such as organic fertilizers, soil ameliorants, livestock nutritions, and other farming products. The students eagerly used the opportunity to ask questions.

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