Indmira is inviting the public to love farming

October 16, 2017 - News

Indmira held an Urban Farming workshop on Saturday, 16 September 2018, the rooftop of our headquarters. This event was attended by the general public. Urban Farming is a routine workshop held monthly at our main office complex.

Atin Saraswati explained that this workshop was to invite the public to love and appreciate farming. menjelaskan acara ini ingin mengajak masyarakat suka bertani “The most important goal from this campaign is to encourage the public to love farming and grow their own food even in a limited space.” she added.

Indmira is very supportive of urban farming because it can become an important source of food for the practioners. It is close to the consumers and sustainable. The urban farming workshop started with the tour of the R&D facilities at our headquarters. In this occasion, the participants were introduced to the technology that had been achieved as well as under development in Indmira. The following sessions were a classroom lecture and a practical application led by Ni Wayan Anik Leana and Tri Wibowo respectively.

In her lecture, Anik brought up the advantages of an urban garden: beautiful, healthy, ecological, and economical. “It is ecological because it uses a small space and eco-friendly with organic fertilizers, which do not leave toxic traces. It is also healthy because it’s fresh.” she explained.

After the lecture, participants had the opportunity to practice with Tri Wibowo on the rooftop of Indmira main office. In addition to planting, they also learned to make organic liquid fertilizer and natural pesticide from sirih/betel (Piper betle), which safe for family members. Tri encouraged the participants to use their new found knowledge at home because urban farming was easy and affordable. (Communication & Business Strategic Division).

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