Post Mine Rehabilitation & Revegetation Project

PT Pinang Coal Indonesia
Sanga sanga, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
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2013 - 2014

Project Background

The 90%-success rate of biosimultant technology at PT Sanga Coal Indonesia resulted in the PT Sanga Coal Indonesia Group to use the same technology at a different location named PT Pinang Coal Indonesia. Biostimulant technology is considered effective and efficient in terms of time and cost.

The Challenge

Overburden with acid potential, low organic nutrients

High acidity, pH < 4

high humidity, low rainfall intensity

Extreme wind

The Handiworks

Biosimultant Application to restore soil structure

Soil is plowed to help biostimulant restore the soil structure. The biostimulant used is specifically made to rehabilitate post-mining land. Once biosimultant has been applied, soil is saturated with water and allowed to stand for about two weeks while humidity is still maintained.

Providing the land with soil nutrients

After the first two-week incubation period, the next step it to apply the biostimulant in the soil as the source of nutrients for plants. Biostimulant is sown, sprayed with water and left out for one month to optimize the process. The biostimulant produced by PT Indmira is made from the fermentation of organic materials by a strain of bacteria that can reduce toxicity. It contains natural ingredients that are environmentally safe.

Planting and Revegetation

After the land restoration, revegation commences. Revegation is performed by planting and sowing Legume Cover Crop (LCC), fertilizing three times a month, with monitoring and mantainance.


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