SAN RBTL (Reklamasi Bekas Tambang dan Limbah/Reclaimation of Former Mines and Landfill) can be used to biologically restore heavily disturbed by mining and waste dumping. SAN RBTL contains plant macro and micro nutrients, organic acids, nitrogen-fixing, phosphate dissolving, and decomposing bacteria and other microorganisms to prepare the perturbed soil for agricultural production.


  • Converting hydrocarbons into CO¬2 and water.
  • Neutralizing heavy metals such as Pb, Hg, Fe, Mn, etc.
  • Reducing Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) contents.
  • Neutralizing pH
  • Reducing soil compactness as a result of bulk density

Soil Types

  • Former gold mines
  • Former coal mines
  • Former oil and gas mines

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