Fun Gardening with Hydroponic

December 29, 2014 - Uncategory

Some people think that gardening is hard and complicated. Especially for women, it is considered gardening can get your hands dirty, damaging hands, and can be infected by germs or bacteria in the soil. But these assumptions turned out to be broken in the presence of a hydrogel as a hydroponic growing medium. Currently with hydroponic gardening technique is on the rise. Hydroponics is known as a farming techniques using growing media other than soil. Planting medium used may be water, sand, gravel, husk fuel, clay, sawdust, and hydrogels. Of all the hydroponic media, which will be discussed here is a hydrogel, because the hydrogel has unique character, beautiful, and exotic which makes it much liked by women.

Hydrogels are hydroponic growing media replacement that is very clean and will not make our hands dirty or rough. Hydrogels including inorganic growing media types that can be found easily on the market. Hydrogel is made of plastic pellets or also known as polymeric materials in the form of crystals. Hydrogel texture is soft, supple, clean, and jelly-like, would make anyone who likes gardening would much rather longer in gardening and who does not like gardening will do it. Gardening not only can be done in conventional agricultural land, as are many gardening techniques evolve more modern and practical. In fact, it turns gardening can also be done in the house. It was something that was not previously suspected.

Growing media like hydrogel has several advantages. Among them are able to be used as a medium for breeding and can be used for all types of plants growing media placed in the room. The color of hydrogel is interesting, such as blue, yellow, purple, pink, and green. It will make plants appearance in the room becomes more beautiful and attractive. Moreover, when the container used is transparent, so the beautiful color of the hydrogel can be seen clearly. One more reason why the hydrogel is very interesting in the community is because the price is very affordable. This hydrogel planting medium price range is around Rp 10.000,00 for 10 grams package. The treatment for plants that are grown using hydrogels also can be fairly easy. We only need occasional watering the surface of leaves or also use spray fertilizer to the leaf surface.

Hydrogels can store water and nutrients well so no need to worry if the plants will be short of water. When the hydrogel is looked shrinking, just spray water using a sprayer to the surface of the hydrogel until it looks wet, dont flood it with water. And, if the hydrogel look dirty, it can be cleaned by washing and soaking the hydrogel in warm water for approximately 2 hours. Drain the hydrogel until it really dry, and then put back into the pot or vase.

Crops to be planted into the hydrogel should have characteristics puddle resistant, high moisture resistance, indoor plants so it can live with reflected light or indirect light, generally non-wood plants, and non-flower plants because the flowering requires a large supply of light, while light can cause the hydrogel to be mossy. In addition, the plant must be completely clean of soil because the soil can damage the hydrogel and make the hydrogel mossy.

Other plants that often grown on hydrogels generally are ornamental plants. However, it turns out hydrogels can also be planted with caisim vegetables, lettuce and kale. However, planting vegetables in the hydrogel is not for cultivation but only as mere decoration which results can also be consumed when the vegetables are ready to pick. For planting different types of vegetables into the hydrogel, vegetable seedlings needs to be grown in the husk first, after one month (or if it is big enough) transferred it into the hydrogel.

The steps should be taken to plants in the hydrogel is very easy to implement and can be done by anyone, even for those who have not previously been gardening or totally unfamiliar with the world of agriculture. First, remove the plant from its roots and avoiding any severed roots then remove the soil from the roots and wash all parts of the plant including the leaves thoroughly, roots, up the stem, because the plants that will be applied to the hydrogel should be thoroughly clean from the soil. Second, allow the plant to adapt to get ready to live with the hydrogel. The trick is to put the plant into a container filled with water overnight. This is done as a step to train and familiarize plant life in high level of water. While allowing plants to adapt, take it out and pour 1 liter of water into the hydrogel reservoir. Preferably use boiled water to keep the remains in a state of sterile hydrogel. Prepare a container filled with water earlier. Then enter the dry hydrogel into the container. Stir for about 10 seconds so the color is evenly distributed. Let stand for about 4 hours, wait until the hydrogel expands well, then drain. Rinse with clean water one time, and then let stand for 30 minutes. Once this process is complete, the hydrogel is ready to be moved into a new vase or pot for plants. Finally, Enter the hydrogel into the pot approximately 1/4 the volume of the pot to be used. Then enter the plant to be planted into the hydrogel slowly and carefully. Adjust its position so that the plant can stand upright. After quite set, then enter the rest of the hydrogel was in the vase or pot until all the roots of the plants is closed.

In addition to be applied at home, planting crops with hydrogels has also been deployed in offices to further beautify the room, like one in the PT Indmira. Clear glass vase filled with hydrogel complete with ornamental plants placed on employee desks of PT Indmira. Other than beautify the work space, the presence of these plants certainly make the room to be more green, colors of hydrogels also makes the room more colorful and cheerful, making the spirit of the employees to work and feel freshed again after a day of staring at a computer screen supported by a gorgeous and green room.

It turns out that gardening can be done pretty easily without fear of having dirty hands. Are you interested to try gardening by using hydrogel media at home or in the office?

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