Breaking Fast Together as One Big Family

December 10, 2015 - Uncategory

Breaking fast during Ramadan is the best time to get together with family and friends. And so it is at Indmira, which held the event on Wednesday, 08 July 2015, at one of the restaurants on Jl. Kaliurang Km 11. This moment became a stage to get to know among employees, interns and honored guests from the community. The attendees included the members of the management, farm and factory personnel, and staff members of the subsidiaries and partner companies.

The festivity started at 16:30 and was organized in a very relaxing and friendly manner. It took the theme of “Returning to Islam that is Full of Blessing and Grace in the Spirit of the Beautification of Nature’s Majesty”. This was to remind us to work cheerfully while holding on to our responsibility to maintain balance in nature and to care for our environment.

The ceremony was guided by Budi Haryono and Ni Wayan Anik. Bob Singadikrama opened the celebration in his capacity as the event chairperson. Aryo Wiryawan, Indmira CEO, continued the opening sequence by welcoming the guests and thanking the commitee members for their work in preparing the festivity.

Prizes were given to the audience while we waited for the time to break fast. To earn these gifts, the participants had to answer quizes, such as recognizing pictures of Indmira’s staff members, answering company’s questions, and reciting prayers. Some of these prizes were provided by Alvin Foto Studio, Amelia Laundry, dan Resto Goat Sego Goreng Kambing. Fun and laughter were had as the guests enjoyed the merryment and mingled with each other.

A Maghrib call to pray was sung at around 17:35 to signal the end of fasting for that day. Sweet dessert, snacks and tea were served to open the breakfast. A mass Maghrib prayer was held before the main meal. The event went well as everybody relished the banquet that evening. To end the gathering, there was another raffle for the main doorprize.

It as a happy occasion to get together (An).

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