22nd Anniversary of PT. Indmira: Sharing Wholeheartedly

Indmira celebrates its founding on the 30th October and turns 22 years old in 2018. This year’s anniversary falls on a Tuesday and is celebrated with the surrounding community. Our theme this year is “Sharing Wholeheartedly”.

The celebration consists of a Qur’anic reading and study, as well as presenting gifts of daily needs to the local residents of Yapah hamlet, Sukoharjo village, Ngaglik subdistrict, Sleman. However, before those take place, the processession is opened by Mr. Waljoko Wijayanto, as the General Affair Manager representing PT. Indmira President Director, who could not attend. In his opening speech, Mr. Wijayanto expresses the gratitude of the company as a whole to the surrounding communities of their support, and hopes that PT. Indmira will be able to contribute more in the future.

Mr. Nur Ikhsan Bashori, the branch chairman of DPU Daarut Tauhiid Jogja, gives the next speech. Representing his foundation, Mr. Bashori appreciates PT. Indmira for the partnership in distributing the donation through his organization, a charitable institution in apportioning public donations.

The Sukoharjo village chief, Mr. Hadi Subronto, is also present and gives a speech. He congratulates PT. Indmira for the anniversary and longevity. Furthermore. Mr. Subronto thanks PT. Indmira for having the business in Sukoharjo and providing employements to local residents. Mr. Ali Bani, the Yapah hamlet chief, closes the opening ceremony with his speech by thanking PT. Indmira and hoping that the gifts will be useful for the recipents.

Ustad Muhammad Ikhsan, an Islamic cleric, leads the Qur’an recitation and study. He shares the teachings of the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad on the kinds of people who will be received in heaven.

The celebration of PT. Indmira’s 22nd anniversary is finally closed with the donations containing daily needs to the community members.

For us, in addition to providing employment opportunities to our community, we strive to positively impact our surrounding. Eventhough it may be a small gesture, we hope our contribution is important.

After 22 years, PT. Indmira hopes to continue working and sharing wholeheartedly. (Communication & Business Strategic Division)