SMK* Negeri 1 Tojo Barat: Indmira’s Prakerin Partner

Indmira, a research-based company in agriculture, environment, and renewable energy, also collaborates in education. One of those collaborations is by providing Praktek Kerja Industri (Prakerin – Industry Work Experience) for students from vocational high schools. This year marks the 6th year of this program at the company.

These students are not only from schools in and around Yogyakarta, but also from all over the country. Nine students from SMK Negeri 1 Tojo Barat spent almost two months (9 September – 2 November 2015) at the company helping the activities at many of the facilities. There had been contingents previously from this school, which is located in Tojo Una-Una district, Sulawesi Tengah (Central Sulawesi Province).

But unlike those previous groups, who had to endure the slower boat trips, this year’s students got to take an airplane; a first time experience for many a student.

*Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan = Vocational High School.