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December 29, 2015 - Uncategory

Indmira, as a technology-based company supported with strong research and development in the fields of agro-complex (agriculture, forestry, livestock, and fishery), renewable energy, and environmental restoration since 1985, always strives to fulfill her social responsibilities. One of the steps taken to accomplish that mission is to establish a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) unit.

This action is in accordance to our company’s philosophy: “Hamemayu Hayuning Bawana” (H2B; Improving the Beauty of the World), which is based on a long-held Javanese value and was used by the kingdom of Islamic Mataram as the foundation of their nation. Hamemayu Hayuning Bawana can also be intrepreted as to protect the sustainable and harmonious relationships between God, nature and people. Once sustainability and harmony are achieved, a balanced life between nature and human will be created, which will lead to the well being of all.

Based on the above mentioned view, our company’s social responsibility activities are grouped in the Hamemayu Hayuning Bawana/H2B program. The H2B program is further divided into three sub-programs: H2B Pertanian (agriculture), H2B Lingkungan (environment), and H2B Kerja Sama Riset (research collaboration).

Started in 2015, H2B program tries to target young inisiators and innovators related to the above sub-programs to collaborate with Indmira. This year Indmira is committed to supporting the restoration of 250 hectares of land to become more productive and sustainably functional for agriculture and/or environment. Indmira has an annual budget of Rp. 100 million to fund initiatives related to environment, agriculture and energy.

Indmira’s H2B program alone is certainly not enough to accomplish the dream of prosperous Indonesia, harmonious relationship between environment and development, or prosperous farmers. However, we hope that this can become one of the million programs that have the same aspiration to have harmonious relationship between nature and people.

Even though H2B program barely started, we have joined forces with many inisiators from each sub-program. For example, H2B Pertanian has partnered up with Agradaya, the Fun Farm on Merapi, KKN UGM 2015, and Sekolah Tani Muda. Our research collaboration with Atnic has produced a world class innovation, which was voted as one of the top three innovations at the ASMI Ishow in India this year. For our H2B Lingkungan, we have provided trees and fertilizers for tree planting activities during the Biofair held by Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University and tree planting events held by Associated Students of the Economy Faculty of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University , and the Catholic Youth group of St. Alfonsus Church, Nandan, Yogyakarta.

We post stories of those events on our H2B website (www.H2B.indmira.com). This site provides not only articles on our activities, but also the steps to apply for our programs online. Are you interested in joining?(Le)

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